Android Mobile Tagging Broken



  • Gahone

    Same with Emojis. No custom Emojis when you have a break between lines.

  • Doeboy

    Same for me. I have to manually type out the colon (:) to use emotes on mobile where normally they are detected automatically like on desktop, and tagging users doesn't work unless I type a space first, which solves the problem part of the time. Not sure what it is but a fix would be sweet

  • PhilMinecraft

    Mine is same even on channel tagging too, Gahone is right, same as me

  • MiraiMisaki

    Same boat - I'll tag someone while typing, but when I send the message, it just pops their whole tag Name#0000 into the text, instead of actually tagging them :(

  • Malik

    Upon further testing this seems to happen after using the return key to type a new line in the same message. This bug has not been fixed for two months and I am left wondering if the Android builds are even tested before they're rolled out to the public.

  • PenTheMandoGrogu

    I have a samsung galaxy z fold 2. When I have my phone folded out, it doesn't work. If I use the single front screen it will work. Kept thinking it was just the z fold tablet mode but looks like more then that.


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