theme.css / custom.css | A simple way to add custom theme support



  • Ithiloneth

    This is a great suggestion!

    Even better if you allow access to it with live preview through the app itself but that is not required at all.

    Custom CSS banzai!

  • AncientLord

    Please can you help me by providing a step by step guide.

    or at least help me find the "config folder" where i am supposed to add the custom css.

    and a basic custom css that works for discord ( i might have made some mistake in mine )

    thank you

  • Ithiloneth

    AncientLord This feature is requested; it does not at this time exist afaik. Therefore I don't think a step by step guide will be possible.

    OP is saying that they want Discord to add custom CSS support, not that OP already has a method for implementing it, aside from using BetterDiscord (use of BetterDiscord may breach the ToS and so I can't recommend it).


    Sorry that I was not more help!

    There are some changes you can do, though not using CSS. See the settings.json in Username\AppData\Roaming\discord. I was able to use this settings file to change the minimum width and height to 0, which enabled me to resize the window to better fit my needs; even if this means some UI elements won't work when the window is smaller than originally prevented.


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