Please remove the "Nitro Gifting" Button in the Text Field for Discord Mobile



  • Lord Error Prone

    I agree, it broke my muscle memory and removed a button I used often.

  • nyanbinnery

    Same. I keep trying to send art to friends only to have the nitro gifting thing get pulled up. Its pretty annoying, especially considering muscle memory and my shaky hands

  • Gahone

    And this is when a nice app starts becoming a greedy business. Welcome to the beginning of the end.

  • SnowyAshton

    I agree. This needs to be changed. It's scummy to do things like this. Discord has a good app and service and for them to start doing things like this makes me worry that my days with their products are numbered. When companies and developers get greedy, then things start going downhill. This move does not send a good message.

  • Proxxy

    Everything was fine until this button attacked, I press for the image button but somtimes it just pulls up the nitro page that I already use, yes I have big fingers but things like this make it really feel like discord is just another company.
    Not happy with this change.

  • Claptrap

    All this button has accomplished is making sure I will never buy Nitro. A shame since I was looking into it.

  • Zukuro

    PLEASE discord for ONCE listen to us and remove the gifting button from the chat's text and file input. I know how to gift Nitro, I pay for Nitro, I don't need to accidentally tap this stupid thing and have an annoying AD pop up every time I wanna send a file! this is a great way to make me want to cancel my Nitro. I purposely downgraded my APK because of this absurdity. I will not update it as long as I possibly can or unless this is fixed. Have some respect and put away the greed and utterly nonsense UI clutter.


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