how to write underscore words in discord??



  • boopy

    use `_word_`

  • ToxicMushroom

    Does this look like a support forum?

    But to answer the question, you can use a \ before any markdown character to escape it. Or use a codeblock as the person above suggested.

    • \_word\_
    • `_word_`
    • ```_word_```


  • Tahir Nadeem

    In Discord, underscores are used for formatting text; placing them around a word like _word_ will italicize that word. To prevent this and display the underscores along with the word, you can use a backslash (\) before each underscore. This punctuation mark (Backlash) acts as an escape character, telling Discord to treat the following character (the underscore, in this case) as plain text rather than a formatting command. 



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