Videos/clips that cause Discord to crash



  • Wext

    First off I personally have not seen anything from discord relating to this. However I have seen plenty of servers talk about it.

    Generally, this is possible by editing the mp4's binary. (via a hex editor.) Instead of the video running normally, the code is interfered with/corrupted. Causing the in client mp4 player to crash. Much like an engine of an airplane stopping. (Basically because of that one thing, your client goes poof!.) (I also would not recommend playing them in your PC's mp4 player as it might cause file system issues.) 

    To the best of my knowledge, there is no exact way to prevent it. (Correct me if I am wrong.) I have clicked on a number of these videos, the best advice is to be more careful before clicking on videos. As most have the same thumbnail. Should you click on one, then realize it, just open task manager and end discord's task.

    Hopefully I answered most of your questions, but I would love to see a response from Discord.

  • upośledzony

    They don't work with win 7, they just stop at the crash moment.

  • Username

    could do what films and tv/ vlc by reading some of the video and if it has too many of the crashing edits on the upload it shouldnt upload / play the videos


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