Feature Request: Allow Users to Change/Edit/Remove Default Keybinds



  • HarryGoatleaf

    ^this please! would love to have more "vim style" keybinds.

  • ↳ ੈ‧₊˚ ┊͙♡

    would love if this was implemented onto discord. It really helps because I also sometimes start calls on accident, and it's kind of annoying especially because I have to stop what I was typing and say sorry to the person I was replying to.

  • Cambor

    For the love of god let me disable keybinds for starting voice calls. I have accidentally done that while chatting in DMs far more times than I've ever started a call on purpose!

  • Ryskream

    I definitely need these mandatory default keybinds deleted as well. I swear they used to all be editable, not sure why that changed

  • engineer_lyon

    You go to settings
    Down to game overlay and cancel the option.

    Good luck

  • CptKitten

    Why are people talking about game overlay when the problem is KEY BINDS? Not the first comment either. This topic has other posts dating back 2 years! Why is this not optional yet? Even I could probably code that and I'm rubbish! Discord is otherwise almost perfect but this is so annoying!

  • M0710NM4N

    10 months later and this option still ain't a thing? Who's making this app... a bunch of 80 yr olds who think editing default keys shouldn't be allowed?

  • Tiara

    Came here to say that if you try to bind a new function to a default keybind, it will instead disable the existing keybind. This is quite possibly the LEAST intuitive functionality I've ever come across in a major piece of software and I don't know what math-brained engineer thought it was a good implementation.... but it IS possible and it does work.

    Hope this helps some people!

  • kodedile

    This is very frustrating and unintuitive, but to add on to Tiara's comment:

    1. Go to User Settings > Keybinds
    2. Click the button at the top "Add a Keybind"
    3. Choose "Unassigned" from the dropdown menu and set it to CTRL + '
    4. The start private call keybind is now disabled

  • OnlyBeGamer

    kodedile's method works. Thank you man. I use Shotcut to edit videos and the Keybind to delete a timeline marker to CTRL + SHIFT + M. I have this mapped to a macro on my mouse for easy access. But discord also has CTRL + SHIFT + M set to mute. So when ever I wanted to delete a markings while editing, I was constantly muting Discord.

  • OnyxAvenger

    Thanks Tiara and Kodedile, no thanks to Discord because they still haven't fixed this.

    I'm constantly tripped up by this because if you want to enter italics into text chat (Ctrl+i) but it's the first character in the chat box, it will instead open the Inbox. This is insanely dumb to have a context-specific keybind that cannot be remapped and does not identify the correct context (cursor/focus in a textbox). This is a standard use case that Discord devs should be considering, because it's just using the same keyboard shortcuts that they themselves created for basic text formatting.


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