Feature Request: Allow Users to Change/Edit/Remove Default Keybinds



  • HarryGoatleaf

    ^this please! would love to have more "vim style" keybinds.

  • ↳ ੈ‧₊˚ ┊͙♡

    would love if this was implemented onto discord. It really helps because I also sometimes start calls on accident, and it's kind of annoying especially because I have to stop what I was typing and say sorry to the person I was replying to.

  • Cambor

    For the love of god let me disable keybinds for starting voice calls. I have accidentally done that while chatting in DMs far more times than I've ever started a call on purpose!

  • Ryskream

    I definitely need these mandatory default keybinds deleted as well. I swear they used to all be editable, not sure why that changed

  • engineer_lyon

    You go to settings
    Down to game overlay and cancel the option.

    Good luck

  • CptKitten

    Why are people talking about game overlay when the problem is KEY BINDS? Not the first comment either. This topic has other posts dating back 2 years! Why is this not optional yet? Even I could probably code that and I'm rubbish! Discord is otherwise almost perfect but this is so annoying!

  • M0710NM4N

    10 months later and this option still ain't a thing? Who's making this app... a bunch of 80 yr olds who think editing default keys shouldn't be allowed?

  • Tiara

    Came here to say that if you try to bind a new function to a default keybind, it will instead disable the existing keybind. This is quite possibly the LEAST intuitive functionality I've ever come across in a major piece of software and I don't know what math-brained engineer thought it was a good implementation.... but it IS possible and it does work.

    Hope this helps some people!

  • kodedile

    This is very frustrating and unintuitive, but to add on to Tiara's comment:

    1. Go to User Settings > Keybinds
    2. Click the button at the top "Add a Keybind"
    3. Choose "Unassigned" from the dropdown menu and set it to CTRL + '
    4. The start private call keybind is now disabled

  • OnlyBeGamer

    kodedile's method works. Thank you man. I use Shotcut to edit videos and the Keybind to delete a timeline marker to CTRL + SHIFT + M. I have this mapped to a macro on my mouse for easy access. But discord also has CTRL + SHIFT + M set to mute. So when ever I wanted to delete a markings while editing, I was constantly muting Discord.


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