Channel page



  • mignaway

    I don't like the idea of having "pages", but I agree with you, sometimes there are too many channels.

  • 82s

    Yeah, I agree with you that sometimes there're too many channels. But I think it'll be too confusing or complicated if we create this "page" function.

  • Lilac❄Syringa🌸

    Oh a similar suggestion.

    Another input could be to swipe it on both pc and mobile. You could also put a header on each page since I can see it to separate as:

    • lobby/reception
    • general to memes
    • game specific/creative channels
    • Miscellaneous stuff

    Pages should be an optional feature for servers. For a non admin or something, no one should be able to see the pages if there's no pages of it. In the case that there are, then that's the only moment the general people would see it.

    Dorian, the guy who made a similar suggestion also thought of using emojis or custom images for the page selection instead of numbers.

    Small servers won't benefit much from this but large servers surely would.


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