Send Button stops working sporadically



  • ChaosFred


    However I figured a sure-shot cause. It happens when a screen rotation made when Discord opened or when the focus is in the typing field.

    The problem is, most Android/iOS user only got potrait home screen, so when Discord opened and turns into landscape view, the bug happens which disabled the "send message" button.

    An easy way to reproduce this:
    1. Home screen in potrait view => open Discord.
    2. The discord opened in potrait view, seems fine. => Tap on the typing field, insert some random texts. The "Send message" button will appear. Do not tap anywhere outside.
    3. Put your device into landscape view => The send message button will somehow gone. You will have to insert a single random text or retap on the typing field. But at this point, the send button which re-appeared doesn't work at all.

    To fix:
    1. As TS said, reopening the app and NOT changing screen orientation will work.
    2. Move to other channel and return. Do NOT change orientation. Bless that text draft is saved

  • theflashisgone

    I use discord in portrait mode. This issue is happening with me regardless of screen rotation or lack thereof.

  • areyoucereals

    Yup, this is happening to me too. It doesn’t matter if I rotate the screen or not. I find that it’ll randomly happen while I’m typing, but I won’t notice it until I go to do an emoji and the emoji button won’t work. So then I close the app via the multitasking menu, and when I go back in the app again, I’m able to do emojis and send, but there can be a whole lotta text that was deleted because I don’t realise when the bug happened. So I’ve been copying and pasting. I can’t seem to go into other channels, either.


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