Smart Temporary Ban



  • Xavier - your king 👑

    That would be very helpful for many server owners and moderators! It is not very fun or helpful to keep making a list of people to unban. This is why a lot of Discord bots have tempban commands. Something else to add to that is it could send the user a message that they are unbanned and send a new invite link and instead of telling the member/roles to unban the user, just send a message in a moderation channel saying a users temporary ban has been removed.

  • I was pan ban by yesterday and this is my 2 day of tamp ban I was being ban of the things in the honey server wich I dint do of course this has already upset them and hurt the members after my bestie have left the server she thought that the things that I never do but did do etc I was watiing for unban and I dint break any rules witch the admin has did and a moderation channel saying a users temporary ban I was wating for the ban has been removed can u advice me on when does the temporary ban stop thx

  • チャイルドトリクシ

    how to ban an user like gone for good like they user is not there anymore on discord bc i wanna ban someone bc they take an pic of me without my perms and this is not first time


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