My Discord server is constantly invaded by few hundreds of fake accounts/users



  • Lala Sabathil

    Please submit a ticket to for this.

    In advance, change your moderation settings to high. This will prevent this.

    And if you setup the welcome screening gate, it'll help too.

  • hubsinfo

    Well... I have both settings activated.
    They're FAKE USERS and not bots. Is like someone is connecting to my Discord server with a real account/member and when he is online he will automatically connect approx. 200-300 fake accounts (all these fake accounts have same icon) but I can't see what member can cause this.

    Also when he goes offline all fake accounts are in offline category but they're still there and when the X user is getting online again then all those fake accounts are back in Online catgory and they can send DM/PM to all my members automatically (except the admin).

    I tried to ban all 200+ accounts (which was a pain in the a.. banning them manually) and it was useless of course because they reconnected after. And if you don't ban them they'll remain forever in your Offline category. 

    I sent a request for help months ago to Discord team but it seems that they don't give a shi.!

    My users probably will search for a different chat platform like Facebook chat if this fake accounts problem will persist, nobody like spamming on DM/PM (at least there's no function to block the spam from online users.. the fck? We can't block users messages).


    Anything else will help also and ty for your fast reply.

  • R E G E X

    You should look into verification Systems and member gates. Discord Moderator Academy - 301 Implementing Verification Gates


  • hubsinfo

    All these methods should be included automatically as options or buttons... because it looks weird (is like Discord server owners are some TCP/IP specialists or Linux sysadmins which is not like that and they are simply users).

    Discord should be more user-friendly but it's not... it looks like a crappy and unstable app which is similar to a source of spam.

    It's like I'm building my own chat server from scratch including Linux, firewalls, different gateways, IPtables rules and etc.

    This is madness... know what? I'll give up... I don't have time for crappy settings or to reinvent the wheel and I'll migrate to Facebook. 

    Thanks for help anyways. 



  • kyoko

    Mate. this is feedback, not a forum or support. just make a ticket

  • Amber Scarlet

    make a role that you have to have in order to have any access to the server. Have a verification channel that you and admins will check manually. The alts will have to bypass human security to raid the server, which makes it easier for you to moderate and harder for them to get in.


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