Multiple Owners / Duo Owners



  • roberto

    Would have been very useful when I had my servers

  • Sharkfinking

    would be very useful in many servers which i can think of.

  • stink

    I like the idea, but if one person decides to go against then the other can't ban them so idk

  • KareemArthur

    Replying to stink
    I expect discord to change or make the update more fitting they could always change it in their own way. 

  • shhshsgsvsbanajaahab

    Even tho i feel like you should build trust with the owner of the server to start off i guess you can give someone owner privileges kind of like giving admin perms so person 2 in this scenario wont delete the server if beef goes on. I guess what im trying to say is put an option so that the owner can not kick person 2 if partnership servers try to grow big together! 😁 ive never had problems since ive built love & trust with my comrades but it would be a nice feature to have with new people to partner with.

  • Ghost

    Even a Co-Owner rank with a hollow crown instead of filled would be nice or something.

    I started my current Discord with a bestfriend and it is awkward sometimes having a crown and they do not.

  • Infinites

    if i was the owner it'd be great


  • PickledKatsu

    we all need this, EVERYONE has had this situation

  • Tweakified

    This would be great

    I co-own a server with another incredible guy. He has the discord server owner status though. We have both put in equally to our server's growth and positive environment, so it's annoying to find that once our server becomes partnered, he will only get the partnered perks.

    I really like Discord's push to be more community-based. However many communities have more than one leader, and only awarding a single leader for creating an amazing community is annoying for everyone involved.

  • Shock Micro

    This is a good idea.

  • fourk

    This creates more problems than it fixes. If they don't trust each other they should maybe, just maybe not make a server together. What if someone with co-owner gets mad with power and decides to wreak havoc on the server. No one can ban them because they're an owner

  • Tweakified

    Fourk, didn’t your first sentence just counteract everything else you have said?
    If two people don’t trust one another, then don’t create a server together xD
    And even if a co-owner does abuse you could report them to the discord safety team and they would eventually be removed.

    The pros of having this feature far out way the cons. However just like anything, you can’t be stupid and setup a server with a co-owner who you don’t trust. Like I said in my above message, communities don’t just have one leader, and that’s what discord forces atm.

  • siege

    This would be extremely helpful. Please implement this. My addon to the suggestion is: both owners get partner perks, or at least the partner badge for both of them, and they can delete the server with confirmation from BOTH/all owners.

  • trustedmercury

    I think people are putting too much emphasis on partnership. This can positively affect the general discord userbase too. I work with teams or partners a lot and not sharing Discord ownership can often start power struggles, whether it's vocal or not. I think having something like this can build trust within server owners, would recommend!

  • Mustafa

    Good idea. Thanks for sharing it with us...

  • Reddington [Red] ★

    I will never understand why people are so negative about this suggestion.  It doesn't affect you, you're not going to bring on a co-owner once this is implemented, so why are you so against it?  Co-Ownership is desperately needed.  I think it's stupid that Discord is trying to control people's servers by saying "we won't add multiple owners because it's a security risk."  Discord, that is NOT your call.  It is our server and our decision to make.

    I am the Community Manager for a server with 6k members with a very active community.  The owner focuses on developing the thing the server is about, while I manage everything server wise.  There is no doubt in my mind if co-ownership was added he would make me a co-owner. 

    Why is it only the owner, who barely partakes in the server, has to owner only actions while the guy doing everything is seen as nothing and can't?  I'm not ragging on the owner of said server, it is just an example.  The owner is not always the only one running the server.

  • Ash Kun

    I agree. We need this option. Not all communities have single leader/owner. More than one people build it from scratch but somehow discord identifies only one person as the owner. 

    Discord please add this feature. Its highly needed.

  • K1000A

    Please discord add this option! In big server that option is so necessary!


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