Regarding /me command



  • Kaoru

    Awwwww, yes it could be interesting implemented. <3

  • Nolfinkol

    I've been wishing for this ever since I first started using Discord and saw they had fun built-in / commands which I love using in other chat services and games like Minecraft. Simply italicizing the entire text just doesn't feel right since I can already do that to my messages on my own which makes the current /me redundant. 

    Most chat services change /me messages that normally look like "[Timestamp] [Username]: [Message]"

    2:31 Nolfinkol:

    shakes his fist angrily

    to removing the colon, bolding the name, and making it flow like a proper action (sometimes even omitting the timestamp altogether)

    2:31 Nolfinkol shakes his fist angrily


    Nolfinkol shakes his fist angrily

    In the case of Discord, the timestamp appears on the mouseover of the message. Overall, doing it this way or some way similar to it feels cleaner and like a proper roleplay action.

  • exelotl

    I'd also really appreciate an improved `/me` command. In principle it's a fun way to express yourself, but the way Discord currently implements it is quite dissatisfying :(


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