Do not sell Discord to Microsoft.



  • Phoenix6612

    Please Please do not sell out to Microsoft. They destroy all messaging platforms they touch to push users towards their own product lines like Teams that are not what we as a community want. We want discord to remain discord, platform agnostic and a place that we can run our own groups and own content outside of the Microsoft Platform and Sphere of influence. Hell, I bet most of us would even be willing to pay a subscription fee to keep this from happening. 

  • Vas

    Hell, I might even buy Nitro if Discord says no to Microsoft publicly. xD Might. I mean I'm on disability so I got things to consider.

  • Ortia

    I know I will be buying Nitro if they say no to Microsoft. And, I might gift a few dozen to friends. If they decline the acquisition, hit me up, Vas.

  • Vas

    I'm starting to suspect this Microsoft buying Discord thing is an april fools joke waiting to happen.

  • flanksp33d

    For the love of all that's good in the world, please, PLEASE don't sell out to Microsoft!! (Epic would be bad, but not remotely in the same league.)

    I came to Discord from TeamSpeak. I've appreciated the level of convenience, functionality and - above all - TRUST! that Discord has given me. If it's taken over by Microsoft, that will be gone... and so will I.

    Sad times, sad times...

  • prodlsd

    I 100% will cancel my Nitro subscription if you sell to Micro$oft.

  • Vas

    An update on what I've heard, from what someone told me it sounds like Discord went to Microsoft to sell out to Microsoft. So it sounds to me like Discord is tired of taking care of its userbase and wants to sell off the entire userbase for a quick payoff. Which means that we can't stop it no matter what we say. Even if we threaten to leave or cancel Nitro, they'll still sell. No point in promising to buy Nitro if they don't, because they already tried to ditch us in the first place.

  • Ortia

    It's hearsay, so we will see. Don't take it as 100%, the grapevine is a sonovagun.


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