Please Don't Sell Discord to Microsoft



  • Watashinonamaeha Sanikava desu

    Yea it's true and you are right but i am not from discord support team let us see what will happen if discord will become ms discord then it will be a big loss for us also like our data may be get public and our chat also before we believe discord is safe and we can shear our data with others like bank detail and our passwords here we can get help form others in gaming , coding, making apps ,other like logo website for free If Microsoft will bought Discord then we have to leave discord and then discord will loss many loyal users

    It's my opinion on your post

    Thank you,


  • JDJG

    I think discord's support team issues also make people leave if a company buys discord give a while to prove themselves. If they fail, people will leave

  • Dukiii

    Totally agree to Brazen


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