the ability to change your bot's name even after verification



  • Donovan_DMC

    I'm quite the fan of the name lock (prevents bots from rebranding themselves without Discord involvement, but that can be a good thing), you should generally have your name down by the time you start to get up there in servers, and if you don't, contact support, like it says

  • JDJG Inc. Official

    Well, I think you should be able to change it, but ok?

  • Bolt2434

    listen, time goes by and sometimes you just feel like changing the name as you grew tired of the old one

    Also what if you want to change your bot name from ex. Bot [BETA] to just Bot. I'v seen it in another post. 

    OR you have a bot that tracks the price of a cryptocurrency (there is a bot that does that) that changes it's name to the price of the currency.

    I believe I have a good point and should be implemented into discord


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