Please don't sell to microsoft




    I 100% am against them selling.

    Discord you are making a killing from Nitro sales and stand to make more from upgrades and additions to the service that compete with other services, M$ will never do that and will instead downgrade the service. They will either phase out Skype and turn Discord into skype2.0 or the reverse, and the history of how M$ treats it's partners and buy outs is enough to speak for itself. You should not bend to the will of the beast, the money is a lot, but there is a reason they are offering it, they are afraid of your competition and see your potential. Don't be fooled like the many others they have destroyed.

    Please stay independent!! It's a short term risk, it will seem like it. But the long term benefits of being your own boss are beyond anything you can get form selling to the devil. Do not let your investors speak for the people. You will lose support and you will inevitably let this service become a data collection, anti privacy, anti consumer cog in the machine, it will falter to frivolous and meaningless changes, hyper monetization, and failures of consumer protection.

    You might in the short term get some fancy servers, some services that the huge corp that is M$ can tempt you with and of course, a fat pay check. But how long will that last? Is the benefits of now worth more than your integrity?

    I had ideas for you guys, to try and compete with other services, to do things better than the rest. Like beginning some other social additions and adding features that directly out play other services like YouTube and Twitch, rather than just mere integration, you could win out and have *better*, more consumer and content creator friendly services, and could stand to make A LOT from it.

    Think about it. Do you know how may YT and Twitch affiliates would eventually jump ship to you if you made your own versions? Twitch and YT have become the very thing M$ would turn you into, once great, swallowed by the mass that is the corporate elite, and stricken of its soul. They have become the new mainstream, and not in a good way. You could avoid that.

    You probably won't see this, or care. But consider yourself warned. M$ will be the long term end of Discord.

  • Sparkling

    I came here to post my own thread, but decided to join another thread in hopes that our voices will be heard. WE BEG OF YOU! PLEASE DO NOT SELL OUT!!! I absolutely will pull my Nitro subscription if you sell out. The main reason I subscribed was to support your company and what you are doing, because you keep our communication freedoms free. Freedom is everything! Microsoft has a long history of invading privacy, selling out our information to nefarious purposes, and absolutely destroying everything they touch. Why do you think Discord became so popular? It's because Micro$oft bought Skype and then systematically destroyed Skype! Everyone hates skype now because of what Micr$oft did to it. Please don't do this evil thing. Micro$oft is not interested in the reasons why you created Discord in the first place, they are only interested in profiting from your work. If they are willing to pay that much, think about how much more you can make from it yourselves! They know this is a goldmine and they plan to strip it clean until it collapses. You could keep it running and keep all that gold for yourselves. I know it's a lot of money they are offering, more than most of us can imagine, but please don't sell out the treasure you already have!

  • I subscribed to nitro support Discord as well! Microsoft purchased skype at the height of its usage(I was a loyal user as well) and sat on it making no improvements until it became unusable and I switched to Discord! If Microsoft couldn't take care of Skype they definitely don't deserve Discord.

  • Spano'

    I love discord, but, it Mikrosoft buys it, I will switch to something else, so don't be a pig, mikrosoft, you don't need to eat every software company you see.

  • Foghammer

    I don't have Nitro, but will 100% buy yearly memberships if Discord declines Microsoft.

    Please, for the love of all that is good, don't do it. Discord and it's users deserve better than Microsoft.

  • Arlothia

    I second this! Please don't do it! As so many other people have said on other feedbacks, Microsoft can ruin any app and they'll most likely monetize everything so the userbase will TANK. They just want you for your userbase. There's a reason your user numbers doubled last year! It's because they love Discord just as it is. It's SUCH a fabulous resource that's not tied to the other big companies. Don't increase their monopolies and keep Discord as the safe and reliable resource it is or I promise you, your users WILL go and find somewhere else and the sale would have been for nothing. You've worked so hard on all of this. Don't let it go to waste. Please!!

  • Madoc

    M$ will utterly destroy Discord just like they destroy everything else, absolutely no doubt. Don't let them do this to your baby.

  • MrBurnZZ

    Please don't sell. Microsoft can't come up with good things and always destroys everything they obtain. Discord is already awesome! Please don't let them ruin the best community platform I have ever come across. (I mean all the way back to BBS. TS, Curse, axion and others never even came close) I love you DISCORD PLEASE DONT DO THIS! <3333

  • [SSH] Dr0wnP00L


    I completely second this. If M$ takes hold of Discord, this entire platform will be ruined. It is the best, flexible platform out today. M$ has a habit of destroying its competitors by buying them out and letting them sit in the dust. I have used many platforms in the past and nothing competes with Discord's diversity. 

  • fbombs.smith

    You know what, I also pledge to a Nitro sub if Discord doesn't sellout to M$.
    M$ has literally ruined everything they've bought.
    Having one giant parent company isn't a good thing.
    Don't be sellouts, Discord. Are you sinking in debt? I would think not if M$ is offering 10bil for the app. Don't f**king do it, unless your endgame is to join the 1%, be hated, and sh*t on your own name.


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