discord should integrate an XMPP bridge to connect to other chat services



  • TheColorRed

    So basically you're saying that you should be able to DM users of other chat services from discord. Although I personally disagree with this, I think it could be useful for people with low disk space. However, why not consider writing your own client for matterbridge? It could be minimal and therefore very small, and allow people to access any chat service.

  • henry

    in addition to wasting space, switching between chat apps is also really annoying, they all have their own notification panel and you keep having to open new programs when you want to talk to different people. 

    Cross platform support is also useful for group chats. I'm in the matterbridge discord, and with more support, they'd be able to show the avatars of the people on other platforms. Right now the same bot writes out every off discord message, and you have to read the user name to know who's who.


    it would also let us have cross service voice chats


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