Showing what game we play on mobile



  • Vieuxthon

    Rich presence for mobile was tested on android (for android alpha users) in 2018. But it has been removed in early 2019:

    Game Detection has been removed in this release. Thank you all so much for testing it and giving us such helpful feedback on the feature. As you know, it was an experimental feature, and thanks to you all, the experiment was pretty big success. When next you see game detection, it will no longer be experimental -- battery issues, data usage issues, etc. will be addressed. However, we can provide no eta on when it will return. [...]

    So i guess it is being improved and should come back one day

  • BondOfBlood

    You can still get this functionality on Samsung devices. Need to install the Discord app from the Galaxy Store and configure the Game Launcher app.

  • shegsharem

    How many people game on mobile whilst on Discord? I sure don't know too many people who do.


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