Server Back-up



  • Eddy Naugavule

    Hi Team,

    Appreciate if you can confirm how we can back up our entire Discord Server in case if it gets hacked or for some reason it goes offline 

    Do you provide such services or is this something customers can do?

  • CanePlayz

    I fully support this. At least here you have quite a good method to backup your dms or server text channels. The advantage here is that it's open-source so everyone can check what the program is doing and at least on my behalf I can confirm it's safe.

  • Eshleen

    Hi Support team,

    Could you please assist us on how we can backup the entire discord server to avoid unplanned problems (hacked or any other error occurs)?

    Looking forward to hearing back from you at your earliest convenience.

  • Francois Hurstel

    Yes would be amazing to get this feature implemented, for simple consistent backup. Don't want to just give Admin access to randoms bots that have no idea what would do to your server 

  • tramp4life

    I believe this feature would be and is needed so that many if us who have specific information and photos of thete work,hobbies educational information etc.etc. it would also be great that the ability to do this would allow you to store in your device other than discord. Maybe as a one time fee or something.  


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