Discord Notes


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    This is extremely frustrating for me. With notes I have saved key data about persons I am friends with, birthdays, real names, and other very important information like triggers and other details that would otherwise be forgotten. And although it would be good to just note these things down in a separate program, like a note pad, the problem with this is inherently because of discord allowing people to completely alter their entire identity on the platform. It is virtually impossible for regular users to keep track of who someone is unless you are able to use notes. And this morning I discovered to my dismay that for a SECOND TIME i have lost important notes. Randomly. No pattern as to who or why or what caused it, and whats worse is that they were all important ones, not even just people I dont know, but my closest friends. Now I have to redo them again.
    I will cancel my nitro if this keeps happening. I am a paying customer and this platform should be better than this.


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