• hhamzaa

    I agree toxic people are a big problem on discord would love for this to be added. In the meantime you can report the user to trust and safety and you can mute as well as deafen him client side in vcs. Would love for this +1

  • yuna

    I agree with this !! What's the point of blocking a user when they can still see you online in the servers you're both in? (Do we really have to go 'Invisible' for them to not know that we are online?) And the fact that they can still hear our vcs/watch stream in a server is making the block feature useless.

  • DirtyPixie

    What’s the point of a block of it doesn’t block like it’s suppose to? Discord is helping the ones who are harassing to be able to still do it freely. Why would Discord want to help them? I have someone that I blocked so I could handle it peacefully and not have to keep bothering anyone. Found out with a comment post they made to something I said that they’ve been able to know exactly what I said and make a comment. It’s not serious right now but if it does, I’ll look to see what I can do legally and then I’ll let discord know.

  • DirtyPixie

    Please fix this because mine is mild but Discord has some that have complained that are going through ones that are. Make a block exactly what it should be. Where the person blocked can’t even see our names or comments. Hey get help from Facebook or Twitter if you don’t know how to.

  • Vibrant

    This is something that NEEDS to be looked into.

    The toxicity inside Discord communities is in the rise and we absolutely need a better blocking system. ESPECIALLY in cases like the one described by the OP.

    Please, you have an amazing platform. You went through a redesign recently in order to rebrand yourselves because of "growing communities and userbase". It's time for you to care for your growing userbase and implement this often requested feature.

  • Rimidal

    Block on Discord needs to be two-way like it is on other platforms (Twitter/Facebook/Instagram).


  • ✿Cherry✿

    A two-way block would honestly be wonderful

  • mitzipeanut

    You def need to fix it discord where both parties are not aware of each other's existence. We block someone for the purpose  that they can't reach us anymore (be it anywhere within disord) not for us to just ignore their messages while they see whatever we do in the server. What the current block is doing is making it unsafe for victims of toxic people/creeps to be in large communities where such people can still target and interact with us

  • natural heathen

    It is shocking that this has not been added yet. Two-way blocking has become a standard of other social media. Discord is only getting more popular every day as a platform. What's the point of blocking someone if they can see everything you say and interact with you anyway? It's ineffective, and negatively affects many people like OP outlined above. It's so ineffective that you might as well not block at all. Please, please, please integrate two-way blocking. We NEED it.

  • mia

    I completely agree with this. I wanted to block two people in my club discord for using offensive slurs against me in private but the fact that they will still be able to see my messages and when I'm online makes me immensely uncomfortable. This feature really needs to be looked into. I would like to be able to curate a safe space for myself online, and the current block feature really needs to be changed.

  • Noxon

    Please, add this request. Or at least add a setting that allow server's owners to decide how the blocking feature behave in their server.

  • thranaxac

    So I totally get that some people generally need to be blocked for targeted harassment etc. But I think discord shouldn't even allow any blocking. The only instances of blocking I have is within a friend group and one decided to be a b**** and not respect beliefs and simply just my ideologies. Its a combo deal, they are related to my friend who has been ingrained in a group together for many years, almost 8 years now. They recently changed their POV yet still play videogames in matches with me in prematchmade games. Since they and I are friends with the same people. They even have limited vocal interactions and listen to me by voice during these matches/rounds. Especially since we all knew each other after the age of 18 and are well on adults, I need to tell one of our "mutual friends" to tell them what I said or replied etc. Again, its not harassment, I don't even talk to them directly 99.99% of the time, I talk to "everyone" and they take it "personally" like much of the issue of society today. Too soft, ignores facts for feelings.

    PS: If you can't get along like your in a room with other humans standing or sitting around, then leave the server.

    PSS: Make a server with the people you like, they are free to make. Stay in the public one but don't be active/pay attention to posts not made by people you like, who cares what someone your blocking responds.

    PSSS: If your being stalked by someone from another country, make a new account to lose them fully, join the community and use an alas. If your "well known" or a "celebrity" that comes with the fame buddy, you can be anonymous like others. Even better, you can run as many discords as you can browsers. Also you can set in settings to not see PM's from people you don't have added. Who cares if you have a list full of names unapproved by you. When you want to add someone, you send the request instead. 

  • SilverHawk730

    We should have the ability to completely avoid toxic or disliked people... when blocking someone this person should be excluded completely from our life. They shouldn't see us and we shouldn't see them. 

  • FstMario

    Gonna rebump and just repost since this is essential

  • Lume

    This is ESSENTIAL. discord I support you please add this.

  • Grim

    I have the same problem as OP, within just the last few months I had to remove someone for an issue that happened privately. I've blocked them but we are both still part of a public server (streamer) and it is super uncomfortable and frustrating to feel like I can't share things with my friends there for fear of this person finding out/replying/just generally behaving in a toxic manner. My only option at the moment is to speak/share as little as possible there and that really limits my ability to interact with the other people of the community. This should be a no brainer easy fix for Discord to make and I'm not sure why they won't. 

  • calico

    yes please!! im also not sure if they can see your status or about me, and if they CAN, id like discord to fix it (because idk if they can or cant), because i added a classmate but i want to block them and add my pronouns in my about me and shit, but i cant. i dont have anyone to test it on, and i dont want to be outed to my entire class.

  • calico

    also in addition to the last reply: it would be really cool if the blocked person couldnt see your name/# number, so that they cant add you on another account.

  • lesbian philza

    yepp! improving the block to make them unable to communicate with us on a server while we're unable to even see the messages would be v good

  • kilikina2165

    I agree, when we block people all they should see is a generic profile name like "unidentified user" or something and block what we write or say. I don't know anything about the voice chatting because I don't use it but I shouldnt have to leave the server because I want the person I blocked to stop sending or communicating with me. It doesn't have to be drastic. It can be as simple as just blocking each other's comments and profile. Please make the changes, I know how others feel and it's very uncomfortable.

  • PoppyPendle

    A full two-way block should be considered a priority for Discord to implement for the safety and well-being of Discord's users. It is shocking to me that Discord is so far behind other platforms on this issue. 

  • asterialunanyx

    Discord. Fix this issue dude. Like what’s your deal? We really need these features and you provide no help? What is that about? It should be a full two way block. Your block feature is basically useless right now!

  • Eisen

    How is this not a feature yet?


  • 𝕯𝖚𝖋𝖋™

    I concur with the sentiments above, if I choose to block anyone they should not be able to see any of my messages nor should I see a message seeing they've typed any kind of blocked message. The block feature should blanket the following features:

    - The person cannot see anything you type or your online status.

    - You cannot see anything they type or their online status.

    - They cannot hear you in a voice room if joined.

    - You cannot hear them in a voice room if joined.

    These 4 simple features would cut out the risk of being harrassed unfairly entirely and it should not be added to the "Nitro" paywall either, it should be added as a BASIC feature to help prevent any kind of harrassment or bullying.

  • Leah Do

    Discord, WHY are you ignoring this?

  • Lucid

    I was going to make a post similar to this but I mean..., it has every reason already listed. I don't understand why the focus on vanity and decorations lately has more importance than the literal safety of the users. I would normally switch over to another platform but there really isn't one where everyone I know settles in. Please improve your blocking system Discord :/

  • Chelsea Otter

    I see this feature as a must, as even the primary argument, being that it would enable server griefing, is easily avoided. Its quite easy to simply say that server owners and moderators are able to see messages on their server regardless, so that way people can safely chat without the system being abused. This seems like common sense to me.

  • Regina

    Is this still not a feature? There is someone in a public server I'm in who insist one being contrarian to everything I say to the point of being so annoying that my blood boils. I've asked them to stop and when I did so they got mad blocked me (cause the admin asked us to take it to the DMs, and I was about to poilitely and very directly ask them to just mind their own business in the server and I'll do the same). Yet, they still reply to my mesages in the public server. On good days, I can ignore them and not even respond. But some days, I'd really rather just not see their messages and for them to not see mine. Especially since I'm not talking to them and they refuse to listen when I ask them to leave me alone. No idea why they blocked me but opted to still see my messages...But I REALLY hate that they get to interact with me how they see fit when I'd really rather not even be reminded that they exists anymore.

  • valerie

    bumping this because we NEED this feature. NOW discord. You continue to not listen to us so we're tired of being nice about it. we demand that it is done.

  • Brumbpo



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