Don’t ignore us. This update needs to go away.



  • TrafficCone

    yes. the new font looks like something i would make in ms paint. like wtf

  • ThatGuyJacobee

    agreed, no clue why they changed it at all, it's like they were bored and decided to change something that was already perfect.

  • Chawiiee

    I second this

  • Timed


  • flootzavut

    Seconded, thirded, whatevered, the blurple is painful.

  • Huge support from me

  • UGH Dany

    I completely agree, this new colour makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. I can't even read the text behind it as everything gets blurry.

    I still don't have the font update yet, and I hope I never will, because that font is awful, just by looking at the logo my eyes want to stop functioning properly.

    I don't understand why Discord would do such thing without asking the real community what they thought about it.. 26,000 people is not Discord community...

    Changes that affect appearance and accessibility should be something the users should agree with, or at least let them not use it and change the appearance locally..not needing 3rd party software that is against TOS, even if Discord doesn't do anything against it.

  • Joaquin

    I don't get why people on twitter were saying, "Oh this update isn't my favorite I guess the old scheme was better, but I'm ok with change." That makes me mad this update is bad and you should voice your opinion. It causes me eye strain and has very bad visibility for people with colorblindness! There is nothing inherently bad with the new font, but don't fix something that isn't broken. I don't like the new font because it feels so corporate and childish.(to me it resembles comic sans a bit) I'm ok if you like the new scheme, but at least add a toggle for the old discord in the settings. (kind of like how there is a old reddit and new reddit) The new Clyd isn't so bad and I think it's just as good as the old one. I just really hate the color and the new font.

  • the cooler dream

    yeah, i back up every single point made here. the blue is way, way too saturated and it hurts to look at. my discord client just updated and seeing that new blue on my taskbar gave me a headache. i would like to be able to use my primary messaging client without being put in pain, thank you

  • Tenaar Feiri

    Bump for posterity. Discord, please help!

  • Lain

    The hurt is not even about disability. Human eyes are not adapted for blue variants. Shiny blue always hurts human eyes


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