New Font/Logo



  • st2ng

    Yes yes yes! Options please, I’d love to see the option to change back to the old logo. While you’re at it discord, please add themes!

  • Cesstial

    I agree that the new font does not look good. It looks like we went back to the 1990s. I can see from the comments on twitter that internally, discord designers were very split over the font. We can adapt to the logo, but the old font was unique to the discord style, something that should not be lost...

  • Richard Hawk

    Oh, the new font/logo isn't quite hitting the mark for me—it seems like the developers were aiming for a quirky vibe, but it comes off looking like a PicsArt creation. Perhaps offering users the choice to revert to the old font, a more subdued grayscale option, or even a vibrant Pride-themed alternative, especially with Pride Month just around the corner, could cater to a wider range of preferences. Enhancing user experience is key, and giving the community some flexibility akin to the customizable features in free apps like PicsArt might just be the ticket.

  • Samson

    Developers need to hear from users like you to improve the overall user experience. Offering options for different font styles, including reverting to the old one and introducing new themes like grayscale and a pride option for Pride Month, could definitely enhance user satisfaction and customization. I have visited this site an you can also check out some of the old versions of PicsArt

  • Shahzaib786

    While I appreciate the effort to introduce a new font, the current one seems to miss the mark. It lacks the professional polish that we've come to expect. Offering options for the old font, a grayscale alternative, and a pride-themed option for Pride Month would be a welcome solution. As a Picsart enthusiast, I believe customization is key to satisfying diverse user preferences.

  • Shahzaib786

    Sure, here's a possible response: --- The font choice doesn't seem to hit the mark—it almost looks like something done in PicsArt! It might be a good idea to provide an option to use the old font, as well as offer a grayscale option and a Pride option, especially since Pride Month is just around the corner. Also, have you considered using the Remini app? It could help enhance the overall look and feel with its advanced editing tools.


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