Old Color Scheme



  • Binary

    This, please, the new blue hurts my eyes - blue is one of the most energetic colours, the old blurple was perfect for not being annoying

  • Serasanthius

    The new color is much too harsh on the eyes and isnt welcoming, softer colors and less contrasting themes have always been discord, not only would it be weird to change it now and like stated in this post it has no benefits. The old discord colors were welcoming, soft, and easy on the eyes, please go back to it.

  • SammieChaos

    Yeah, the color definitely brings eye strain and headaches. It’s not friendly at all. Pretty color, but very hard on the eyes

  • Sorrow-Divine

    I agree so much with this. Please do the same thing Tumblr did after they changed their theme to a highly saturated colour, and give different options for the users. I know it may not thange the app logo itself (sadly, cause the colour on my phone makes me extremely uncomfortable), but please discord listen to your users!!


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