Why haven't the branding changes been reversed?



  • Hexenbalg

    Right? They keep replying to ppl who like changes, or congratulating them on their birthday or whatever, but they have yet to adress any of the accessibility concerns despite the feedback page being flooded with them.

    If you can't accessibility test before you roll out your update at least listen to people when they tell you its hurtful and hard to use for them after...

  • skateboarder legolas

    exactly, they're directing everyone to give feedback here and there's pages of complaints about nothing but the new update's font/color, for the entirety of the last day, and yet they've yet to say anything on it. it's ridiculous. i'm only still using discord because it's the only way i can stay in touch with some people.

  • Timed

    Yes literally pages of complaints

  • flootzavut

    Also honestly, even if the people without accessibility issues universally loved it (which from what I've seen is very much not the case), the fact it's causing so many issues for people with visual processing issues or sight impairment should easily outweigh that.

  • Hexenbalg

    i think itd be good if more ppl who have a chance to get more than a few rts or likes would make a stink about this, since it seems like they r trying to contain it to their own threads and their forums...the only thing i seen where discord reacted on twitter in a way that suggested they actually read the criticism was a seperate tweet by someone calling the issues out that got like 50 rts.


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