Dyslexics can't read your new font, color causes eye strain, colorblind people are having issues




    As someone who is severely vision impaired, I agree. New font and colors made accessibility much harder, especially for people with contrast disorders. 

  • flootzavut

    The blurple is headache inducing and so many people are having the same issue.

  • Koyyle

    The new colors physically hurt my eyes to look at. I won’t use an app if it hurts. At this rate teamspeak is looking more and more tempting

  • Hexenbalg

    i think itd be good if more ppl who have a chance to get more than a few rts or likes would make a stink about this, since it seems like they r trying to contain it to their own threads and their forums...the only thing i seen where discord reacted on twitter in a way that suggested they actually read the criticism was a seperate tweet by someone calling the issues out that got like 50 rts.


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