Update giving me headaches



  • Jan van Oostenrijk

    I’d like to weigh in to this.
    First off, congratulation to a seemingly good launch of a new design language. I know redesigning things is hard, especially when it’s your baby. I’ve been there. And people will be unhappy about various things because of different reasons. New Clyde looks handsome :)

    But the colour palette… I’m, like the original poster here, am unhappy. I understand that’s it’s kind of the trend now that UI/UX use brighter flashier colours. I, however, liked the subtlety of the old slightly washed out colours. These new neon looking colours give me a massive headache. It hurts looking at them.

    Some members of my community really dig it and that’s absolutely fine. Many other people probably really like it, as well, just like you.

    So I’d like to propose sort of a switch to make the colours just slightly less “boom in your face”? You can still keep the new colour palette this way. Just a second set with less flashy ones.


  • sayumi

    Hi! Other disabled friend here! Can you please make the color schemes an option? I don't want to get migraines or sensory overload for trying to talk with my online friends.

  • Coosheen

    Please give us an option for the colors.  Kind of like Light-mode vs Dark-mode, we could have "Flashy" colors and "Protect your Eyes" colors.

  • DarkestShadow

    I came here to see if others were having the same issue that I’m having, that since the color change it’s extremely irritating and hard to see. I can’t stand the new color, it’s not an aesthetic thing. It hurts my eyes. For the first time in years I’ve had to remove the app from my Home Screen.

  • flootzavut

    honestly it should be a no brainer that accessibility is more important than following the fashion of brighter brand colours, and this colour is quite obviously a major fail for accessibility 

  • Edge_Of_Clarity

    I totally agree! As someone with bad eyesight, ADHD, sensory issues, etc., I’m having lots of issues with the new colors. A toggleable feature between the new and old colors would be great!

  • ad-astra

    Completely agree!! It’s super painful. I noticed that Discord replied to someone’s concerns about accessibility with a feedback form about this kind of issues. I filled it out already, so I hope others in do and share it with friends as well to let them know how inaccessible and garish the new colors, font, etc. are for users.

    Link to their tweet about it: https://twitter.com/discord/status/1392869194413355009
    Link to their Google form feedback itself: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdTzNbITTRx4BYWFlC3gi_lEi3D3rsa9VCBK_EphF5myDb7uw/viewform

    They claim accessibility is taken very seriously, so let’s be sure to inform them of how difficult these new changes are for people.


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