Revert new reaction and @ bolding



  • Timo

    Reactions look like shit now.

    Why does every update make this program worse?

  • Deltara

    I like the new reactions but not the mentions. The mentions feel way out of place. Would be better to have toggles for each one separately.

  • Ahuman

    I kinda like the reactions a little bit, but I don't really like the mentions.

  • MoldyCheese

    Dear Discord,
    pls stop making changes no one asked for, you're pleasing no one.

    Love everyone.

  • Tim Bit

    It's been over a month since April Fool's, how did this happen?

  • antares

    I disagree with the reactions and the new colors, it's more pleasant to see, before I had to strain my eyesight to see some things (my color blindness is to blame). But the @ markup is terrible.

  • hayden。◕‿◕。

    Look, I've never said anything here before, and I don't want to have to again, but this is annoying, as someone who uses discord for many hours a day, the color changes and the ping changes are horrible. The pings don't look as clean anymore, they stand out either too much, or they're just slightly bold, and the reactions are now this huge ugly mess, when it used to be perfectly fine. It was an unneeded change, so I don't see why it was made. Also the green doesn't compliment everything anymore, and the new cyan color clashes with the app really bad, it's nowhere as pleasing on the eyes as it used to be.

  • legosavant

    get rid of the reactions and pings, green is nice tho

  • Biendeo

    As an accessibility concern, I find it's hard to distinguish pings from actual text, and the colour used by the reactions makes it more difficult to distinguish some of the more saturated blue reactions.

  • -Ruka イオ

    This update sucks the old color on the text made regular pings easier to read and the reaction border looks god awful.

  • bungo rabbit alt

    I hate this. So much. I get that it might be helpful for some people but that does not mean it should be forced down everyone's throats. Add a toggle option PLEASE.

  • Actual Warlock

    I want to believe that Discord is being too kind to the person who designed this update, allowing the hideous mess that looks like it crawled off neocities in the early 2010s through so as not to hurt their feelings, but it's time to be honest and stop making us suffer the consequences. Everything is hideously unmatched and distracting, now, and I'm embarrassed to be using it, in addition to finding it more unpleasant to view.

  • Kildar™

    pl0x revert. We hate it.

  • Kanzaki

    Why would you make the platform look so ugly

  • PaulCubes

    I didn't even know forums existed until now, but logged in to say, please revert/make it toggleable. White pings/channels, cyan ping mention, reaction borders, and the darker shade of green too.
    And the new logo too.

  • Eliphaser

    The epitomy of software companies to try to fix something that isn't broken and make it worse in the process. Loss of readability, loss of iconic colours that were soft on the eye and pleasing, UI being degraded.

    I don't know why all these companies do this all the time, make their UI horrible and worsen their own work's quality. This is not something that should be allowed or encouraged; Discord's goal should be giving us a quality product that satisfies the customer, not hopping on a trend that large internet service corporations use frequently and get a lot of backlash from (like youtube's constant pointless UI changes).

    This update removed the softer colours which were easier on the eyes, with more saturated ones and no way to return to the old colours in the options. It's an overall pretty pointless and even more of a downgrade of an UI change that can't even be disabled by the end user in the many settings the app offers.

  • LegoLoco7

    Terrible. Just terrible. Worst idea ever. I'll be really mad if this is part of that PlayStation integration.

  • Comixs

    Can we revert back please. While yall are at it, we can also revert back the previous design overhaul. The app is looking worse and worse with each update and irs kind if upsetting

  • ashleigh

    pls go back

  • Katalin

    This change is horrid, ugly, and agitating to look at. No one asked for this. No one likes this. Revert.

  • Jared

    i hate it

  • fumG

    Default shoud be previous, and in settign you could turn on new ones, but there is 1 thing that looks pretty nice. i mean: subscriptions button in settings

  • Jarco

    Horrible update i despice the colors really hope there will be some sort of way to switch it as i currently just edited the css so atleast my pings / channel mentions and as bad

  • Himbo Archivist

    its depressingly bad tbh- my. eyes hurt from looking at it

  • Sin_Arcain

    Please, revert. The # and @ background is popping out and bad on the eye. Emojis didn't need a darker background either. Also makes them look bigger.

  • Wakagashira

    these changes just ain't it chief

    the new reactions make it harder to see reacts clearly and the new mentions look very jarring and out of place

  • Gerhard

    Just revert to the old, it doesn't seem like you combined that change with any functional change so it can't be that hard, can it?
    Besides the fact that discords former colour sheme was quite comfortable to look at, but now?
    Making your UI look like every other UI will just cause you to die out, not to grow or survive.
    If your idea was actually to help people with eye or vision problems, great, make it an optional thing in appearance for them but not something general for everyone.
    You already had a perfect UI, compact but not too small, now it is just bloated and damages the structure of texts.
    Besides that normal colour coding of roles worked better than just the new white border when pinging roles

  • josephus

    Why did they just change that? It's awful...

  • Mylez_

    The new UI is horrible! please revert it! You DONT need to fix something that isn't broken!!!!!

  • Brumbpo

    Why has it changed? It feels like I need extra accessibility options to be able to read mentions and such. Not very friendly to users with visual problems :( Will there be a toggle for people who have weird eyesight or are we out of luck?

    Just like reply pings we must toggle to @off every single time we reply to someone, this feels really user-unfriendly.


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