Revert new reaction and @ bolding



  • Kya

    I especially don't like how it makes it unreadable when someone pings you and writes text next to it. The white text of your name, followed by the actual white text, makes me do a double take to see where the sentence actually begins.


  • DrSheriff

    Discord. Stop. No one needed this, no one asked for this, you are a cool company, but this is just meh. Also please don't change the logo, it sucks and blurple is way better

  • nicolas~

    Please revert this, the old design was so much better!

  • dodo

    The darker green color variant, i don't mind. looks good i think.

    But the pings and reactions?

    Was there no one who said "This is ugly"?

    Next to rolling this back, i would like to see an explanation as to how this could have happened.
    If UI changes are this easy, how about functional updates?

    This not only is bad for end-user relations, but also raises doubts with me about security protocols...

  • Ratte

    Yes please revert this change it's so broken, I struggle reading some stuff now, not to mention that it's not aesthetically pleasing any more. I even opened a bug report accidentally, cause I thought this couldn't possibly be intentionally changed.

  • L0LZER0

    who ever came up with this idea and thought it looks good should get fired

  • Darman

    It is less noticeable and stands out less. Which is the entire point of a mention...

    You cannot distinguish between a mention and something that is written in bold.

    Also, the old one looked better in colour.

  • Poet

    Hey! This is the first time I'm using these forums! That should tell you how much this change is impacting my experience!

    It's awful. The stroke around selected reacts breaks your own design rules by using a /2px/ wide line, something that rarely - if ever - appears elsewhere in the UI.

    The new green is completely unnecessary and imo less pleasing.

    The new pings obfuscate the reason why you recieved a notification as they simply look like bolded letters, again, no reason for this change and generally looks + functions worse than what was there previously.

    Allegedly the blurple was changed too, again, why? It was perfectly fine as it was.

    I'd like to direct the attention of whoever is requesting these changes to the sorry state of Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat's UI. all had achieved perfectly competent (and in some cases, exceptional) UI, but then 'updated' and edited their way into the barely functional eyesore bins.

    This is not the way. Please revert, or add an option to revert.

  • Eldred777

    yeah uh this aint it chief

  • Rogue

    So bad I thought it was one of the many Linux bugs that have pilled up over the 3 years you've been without a Linux dev.

  • Prism_Tanker

    I'm actually willing to see where they go with the new reacts design.
    But everything else is a downgrade. While all the new content is consistent with itself, nothing fits with the remaining old UI elements. This feels like testing the water, but I don't think its good enough personally.

    And all of this less than a week after the Sony partnership :thinking:

  • Rusty_Slav

    Border on reaction is awful. but making number white was ok. And mentions is weird... Just... why... 

  • Kne3cap

    Please, discord, at the very least, add an option to get the new one and make the standard the beautiful and elegant and utterly flawless prior UI

  • lynxplay

    I actually agree with Prism_Tanker. The reaction redesign is something that could go into a nice direction but the ping redesign is not it. The colour is so off compared to the rest of the UI. It feels horrible to look at.

  • くさつき

    This was an extremely unpleasant update to wake up to. It makes messages so much harder to read. Please give us an option to revert to old reactions, or at least to remove the border. The chat is now horrendously cluttered. Reactions from other people look completely fine to me, but your own reactions are horrendously bright and make everything a mess

  • Rusty_Slav

    It's so bad, one guy stopped using reactions and just posts emojis as full post instead

  • cris

    The new reactions look very weird and I feel like the old design was almost iconic at this point. It feels wrong to have that strong blue outline on it. Please either revert it or add a toggle option for those who like it. 


    Dear discord,

    I know you think you make changes to improve our experience but maybe you should make these big UI changes in beta first OR make them toggleable? 

    Thank You

  • French Noodles

    Seriously it looks terrible, please let us toggle it off

  • matthew_jezek

    I don’t see the reason to change it and it’s unfair for us who likes it because we have no problem with that change.
    So we obviously aren’t saying anything and now it seems like that whole community dislikes the update. We are buried in your hating comments!
    Keep the new design, it’s nice!

  • rei

    Revert it, this is total garbage.

  • villager

    personally I really like the new reactions (but bold pings are ugly) but they should def add an option to revert back to the original design with a change this large.

  • villager

    matthew_jezek I share your opinion (at least with the reactions) but we are the minority. They should revert it as the large majority of the community seemingly despises it, but in a perfect world they would add an option so you could change it yourself.

  • MP2

    Change for the sake of change... why?! Don't care about the colour tweaks to green/blurple but why are reactions so in-your-face now and mentions look gross!

  • Boy

    This... ping colour is just horrid

  • Kayomn

    not a fan of this UI change I am also putting my vote forward to revert it - it flies in the face of the user experience.

  • Ash [Angie] || Cat Squad

    I kinda like it, I feel it really brings out the features although I can understand how it may look weird.

  • Jedayr

    I want to add what i, as person with bad vision, i have troubles to read nicknames of the other peoples while mention then, so it is hard to tell, did i mention correct person in case of simular nicknames. And they looks really contrast, which makes discussions with lot of mentions used very hard to read. 

    Mentions to the user himself looks like white bold text with dark theme. In this case it is hard to tell, was i mentioned or it was just UI bug with yellow message (i always get this vibe of ui bug then recieve quote).

    Reactions also feels kinda weird, because - again, as i using dark theme, it looks like i selected something and it never goed back, and it is no more looks like addition to the message. And dark plus sign completely invincible in the dark theme.


    So i'm asking to revert this update for the sake of eyes health or, at least, give us customisation of the ui elements of options.

  • nastasica

    Looks ugly, you're right!

  • Scrula

    Ffs discord, just go back to how it was before. This is garbage.
    What reasoning is behind these changes?


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