Revert new reaction and @ bolding



  • Yanga

    Revert plox, this is eye cancer

  • Jidanul

    I run a discord server with 550 members, it's not big, but 99% of the members hate the new changes, reactions are incredibly annoying and triggering now, way too much clutter, when before it was seamless and enjoyable. I am about to remove all our emotes because they look terrible with the new reactions UI, please revert or let us pick.

  • Loekie

    A toggle under the appearance settings would be fine. Despite not liking it, some people might. This fits more as a "comfort vs. compact" setting. But separate controls would be desired.

  • Degamewinner

    I personally do not like this change. Discord has changed many things in the past few days. They might have been bought out by a company. P.S pls change it back. Thank You.

  • Mama O possum

    Like Revert No one like white like it was perfect why make it bad .😢

  • Mini Mini

    Yeah this wasn't a good change IMO, please change it back or add a toggle switch in accessibility.

  • Salmoras

    I have never used the feedback forums but this atrocity has to be atleast changeable in the settings

  • Frith Ra

    Discord, I love you, but this random change to many of the UI elements felt completely unnecessary and was delivered so suddenly and without warning that it's just making your community upset and confused. Please do us all a favor and revert these unwanted tweaks back to how they used to be. You already had a solid design that worked great and everyone liked. But this is like coming up to the table where everyone is enjoying dessert and slapping down a fish in the middle of the pudding. The pudding was great but now we kinda don't wanna look at it anymore because you put this big, stinky fish in it.

    So yeah that's my input on this. Here's hoping your take our words to heart and change things back to how they were before.

  • nosut

    Holy crap its so BAD.
    Personally I dont care much about the reactions bit but the mentions of role/users/channels is just the WORST.

    It made sense before. It was like a hyperlink that you could notice and click on. Now it tries to blend in with the surrounding text and it just a terrible experience when trying to have someone recognize that a channel has been linked.


    Congratulations discord. You actually made a change so damn bad I came to leave feedback for the first time.

  • furiku

    Please allow us to toggle between changes by our own choice. This should apply to all typical UX-design choices: let the user choose what they like. One size fits all approach is not the best way to design, and you will never have happiest end-users that way. 

    Just like dark mode and light mode. Toggle option should exist.

  • Suzuhara

    aint the saying if it isnt broke dont fix it? like cmon man 

  • Drirton

    I agree. Revert the changes. Not a single one of them looked good.

  • Kotetsu

    I miss the good old days when discord was a platform FOR gamers, BY gamers, rather than whiny karens and carls that have never played a game in their life and really, have no business being on this platform at all. Go back to facebook.

  • densmore

    man if it ain't broke don't fix it

  • pitch

    i hope to god they listen to this, this needs to be reverted asap

  • nicothecinderace

    Discord, UNDO THIS.


    Why are they so insistent on fixing things that weren't broken? Why do they just ignore what we say? Do we not even matter to them anymore?

  • tale

    The fact that someone actually OK'd this accessibility nightmare is genuinely baffling. It was perfectly fine beforehand, why change it?

    The OG Blurple color was something that people could recognize as "Discord," and now with the new Blueish color it looks indistinguishable from some other platforms (notably Notify/ and Facebook). Why throw away what makes the platform unique?

  • Harshal

    discord is just breaking things now, revert the changes discord!

  • Jerry Sign-Field

    These changes are kinda garbage


    please revert is bad.

  • Cuca

    I like the changes. Sue me.

  • Busjack5

    I agree, cancelling my nitro subscription if this isn’t reverted.

  • KrazyProductions

    if it ain't broke don't fix it

  • TheMLGDude

    Please revert to the old styles!

  • Morningstar Council

    This is worthless, overstimulating, bullshit. Make it a toggle, like reddit has for years. Nobody asked for this, and these UI changes are just completely unlikable. It makes Discord much more unpleasant and uncomfortable to use, reverse it or make it optional.

  • salstacular

    Yeah, this is really bad. IDK if this is for everyone, but the reaction outlines are incredibly distracting to me, and the ping color change means it's really hard to figure out where in a message the ping is (and so whether it pertains to you). I really don't care about the rest of the changes, but these are legitimate accessibility problems.

  • toddmoonbounce

    Revert back, or provide option to toggle on and off. There is zero purpose to this update other than tinkering just to tinker.

  • Spender

  • EakiTurtle

    PLEASE. this is so bad, usually ill be bothered but then get used to these updates, but this is just too far for me

  • Quazimortal

    Consider me as someone else who hates this change.


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