I want both accounts reinstated



  • Enic Beuh, Heyo Boiz

    Well, was your appeal vauge as to say "I'm sorry for XYZ", or "I'm sorry for XYZ. I had the incentive to do this because..."? Usually, Discord only accepts appeals where people show that they've learned their lesson. On rare occasions only will Discord accept vague appeals.


    Edit: A template to show what I mean.


    Dear Discprd team,

    your opening statement...


    I'm sorry for doing XYZ


    and for ban evading


    I realize and know the motive for doing wrong...



  • MikuLoverH2

    I am sorry for posting loli nsfw and I wont do it anymore and aswell as ban evading. I didnt realize what I posted was loli nsfw

  • GinaBot

    Buy Discord's entire company, and then reinstate yourself ;)

  • Enic Beuh, Heyo Boiz

    What a sarcastic reply! Unless you've found a solution, please don't post joke methods that won't work.

  • GinaBot

    Enic Beuh, Heyo Boiz Oh you're the wannabe Discord police with an anime profile pic huh? 

  • Enic Beuh, Heyo Boiz

    @ginabot I'm not trying to police you. It's just that that solution would be pointless. Don't call people things unless you know what you're saying.

  • Soughakneatue

    do I really have to apologize 'for doing something' which I didn't even do?
    because my account also have been disabled and will soon get deleted if nothing else will work.
    i think got banned for a reason similar to the post owner above because I do remember discord saying something related to "under the age of 18" or whatever

  • Enic Beuh, Heyo Boiz

    Soughakneatue. Yes, you do.


    The reason why Discord is strict on their NSFW content policy is because of the following:

    1. Some people lie about their age and are actual underage minors.
    2. (1b) these people should not be seeing content as such until they turn 18. It can be easy for them to lie about their age to view NSFW content, which most parents frown upon.
    3. People posting NSFW content on non-NSFW channels could potentially be harming minors in the group, causing them to leap before looking.

    and think about it this way:


    - Would you want your friends to see the content?

    - Would you want your parents to see the content?

    - would you want your children to see the content?

    - would you want your siblings and other relatives to see the content?

    - Would you want your teacher to see the content?

    - WOuld you want the content to be publicly displayed?


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