Hi your new update sucks



  • Bobby Boucher

    that other idea sounds cool

  • Zoom

    I support, I even wrote to the supports


  • [intentionally calc]

    Seriously, the new pings and channel links with the pound sign look awful. Plus the new reacts are horrendous too. Why would they even change this stuff? Were people complaining how it looked before? Or was it a vocal minority of the users and discord took the silence from the majority of the platform to be in agreeance with this minority? Why change the look of something that drastically, because one developer didn't like it and suggested this new horrible look and everyone else was like "yea I don't care"? Did they even look at it before implementing it? Give discord the old look and this update, whatever else they changed (I haven't looked at the changelog to be honest), would be fine in my opinion. 

  • [Λrk] JackYBoy

    I agree the new pings looks terrible, there were other things that look bad but i forgot lol

  • Az_Noobz

    The pings dont look good. Looks even worse in a reply because it looks like the normal text color

    It looks the worst in bot embeds. Truly looks like im hovering over it and channel mentions


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