Discord Stage Channel Screen Sharing



  • Tenou

    This'd be great! We're using stage channels for streams on our gaming Discord, as it simplifies the process of involving friends and newcomers into the live action. I'd even go a step further and say that, for the moderators and speakers, cameras should be an option as well.

  • TwoPoint

    We play our D&D in stage channels now for all to listen in, but without screen sharing we cant properly do pvp without some sort of 3rd party program, game, or website.

  • this would be great when we do player orientations and want to show them a video while talking about what we have going on

  • UbiOneXD

    We wanted to watch the European Football League in our servers Stage channel, but we needed to watch it on a regular voice channel becouse we can't stream at the Stage channel.

  • Goggles

    This would be so helpful, I could finally make music without the boys eating chips in my ears.

  • isecret

    i literally want to screen share an adventure game with my friends watching but not interuppting the communication. i would definitely use this feature in stage channels!! please discord!  hear my cry

  • goofycat

    Yes ! please add this

  • alleine dragonfyre🎶

    I came here looking for a How-to and found a petition is said. Sadly, I agree. This is very much needed.

  • V--R

    I figured that this was literally half the original point of the Stage channels. Very sad to find out that it's not already a feature.


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