Swing and a miss.



  • OMDolton99

    KillerJulian [Julian] Yeah, so? This post is my opinion. The fact that there are similar posts from people with similar opinions should tell you that the changes are near-universally despised among your userbase.
    Change it back. Before you end up killing your brand image.

  • KillerJulian [Julian]

    You think I work for Discord? No, I don't, I'm just trying to concentrate the amounts on one since yesterday, when the posts are the same. So Discord might be more likely to read the post if it has more upvotes. Also, doesn't the Discord staff have to read the same description over and over again? I don't forbid you to create new posts, I just point out similar amounts.

  • Olkris

    Thank you for bringing up those other posts.


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