New blurple



  • Alexisaurus_

    downvoted for praising the new logo

  • Derp Cade

    The new logo isn't great, but it is acceptable.
    What isn't acceptable is the horrendous new font and new color.
    It isn't even blurple, it's just a oversaturated lavender

  • Olkris

    Blurple was iconic, it defined Discord. There can't be a valid enough reason to destroy brand recognition like this.

  • TanookiSweets

    Blurple IS discord, it's as much a part of discord as Wumpus and Clyde, the new Clyde looks like they copied the Android logo, Blurple is the color of Discord, and will always be. There's no changing that.Blurple, Real Clyde, and Discord Font.


    Blaventurated, Ew Android Clyde, and I can't stress this enough, Wvrurrrrashdjag Font.

  • thislooksfun

    I agree, the new blurple is really over saturated and hard to look at, the old color was way easier on the eyes.

  • gjyfghhg

    in my opinion, i like all the new stuff more. Discords old blurple has been kept too long, and the new minimalistic logo didn't even change much. Id rate this change 7/10


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