New layout extremely hostile towards people with disabilities



  • Rain

    Speaking of UI changes, here's a few more. 

    In my opinion, this one isn't actually as outrageous and bad as the other one. I actually kinda like it.

    That being said, it still has some issues. Mostly in relation to colors and font. 

    Compare those colors to this: 

    Normally, the tab used to have a shade of these colors and the image was centered. The current colors on the tab, as seen in the first picture, is WAY too dark and it's actually also straining to look at. Especially if the avatar is black or white: then there's just dark behind the avatar which is super straining. Yea, it's kinda cool to have the shade/hue of the avatar behind: however, considering how contrasting the colors STILL are, this is not fun and the colors are still very hostile. 

    The other issue is the font. It's so cramped and hard to read! The same issue that I've been saying since the FIRST post in this thread. The same issue the front page has/have. The new font is horrible and hard to read, and implementing it into the client is a HORRIBLE idea. 

    Using my friend as an example here:

    The amount of times I've either read Boar, Boor, Bcar, or whatever else (you name it) is insane. I keep misreading it even if I know what his name is, so with many other people. Any name with a, e, o, c or anything similar is instantly a lot harder to read, even if it'd be just one letter. For example, echo is a word/name that's very hard to read too since it looks like all the letters are the same. And this is coming from someone without dyslexia - I can't imagine how hard it'd be for people with dyslexia. Wait, I do - since some of my friends and relatives who use Discord are dyslexic and say it's hell.


    So this is my solution for the new tab/icon/new UI in the client:

    1. Recolor it so it's the old colors - They were way friendlier and less hostile on the eyes. Or give us an option to toggle the whole old color scheme for the client - even better! 

    2. Allow us to toggle the banner color on or off - Yea, I like the banner colors, however, I can see this being abused by someone having a brightly colored banner image or flashing banner image which is bound to cause migraines and be hostile towards people with issues surrounding color. 

    3. Bring back the old font - As written above, the text is super cramped and hard to read even for a non-dyslexic person and it's even worse for dyslexic people. Implementing this font into the client - and continuing with the rebranding, pushing away the userbase and alienating people extremely quickly - is one of the WORSTR decisions Discord ever made. 

    4. Bring back the old Discord colors on the taskbar - I admit, I like circles. I like the new logo being a circle. That being said, I don't like the new colors. I would like the option to have it changed back. Having colors that's causing pain in your eye but a round logo is worse than having a square logo with wonderful colors.

    5. Nit-picky personal opinion: center the picture in the new tab on the UI client - I liked the centered image. Yea, I get the banner won't be as visible but I'd rather have a centered image with a smaller / less visible banner than an uncentered image with a super visible banner. I get the "icons" on your profile would have to be repositioned, but so be it. OR better yet - allow us to turn on this feature! Customization is the new goal, right? 

  • ad-astra

    For what it’s worth, I’m fairly sure Johnny’s comment meant to say “I can’t see shit,” as in “thanks to the new update and [his] colorblindness [he’s] unable to use Discord” but the sarcasm just didn’t come across well.

    Anyway, it’s off-putting that Discord is basically trying to sweep these very disruptive and inaccessible changes under the rug by distracting users with new profile changes. The new profile stuff looks way too much like Twitter imo. Almost too copy and paste, bland and unoriginal. Otherwise, I wouldn’t really care, except the readability was lowered and the higher contrast means more eyestrain, too. Get your mess together, Discord, and actually listen to your users instead of trying to ignore the very real issues with this redesign that negatively affect customers.

  • Jade

    Has anyone responded to any of this? I ended up banned from their “official” Reddit because I wouldn’t stop asking them for help. Heh.

  • it's been silence for the most part, which means we gotta be louder.

  • Rain

    Jade I'm afraid not. I've tried to make other feedbacks about the other functions they implemented (like removing the mentions button from the phone and replacing it with stages instead - which I don't use at all, mentions tab were 1000x more useful) but it seems like any time I try to log a comment on any feedback on the new outlook, it gets stuck in "pending approval" so I just stopped commenting. No idea if this will also get stuck, but afaik nobody has said anything and most people "moved on" after they got the accessibility slider. Which, granted, is a very nice feature to have even if it's not the OG Burple. 

  • FlurryShy

    seeing the exploded download numbers on better discord I'd say most people moved on to just violate tos instead of waiting for discord to do something... which they wont anyway.
    and with exploded I mean the download numbers were around 4mil before the rebrand (which took years) to 8+mil only 2 months after the rebrand. you can check that via if you are curious.

    for mobile (android) there is Aliucord btw.

    also there really isn't a point asking for change in this forum. I have a post above KintsugiSys's post that is pending approval for 4 months now... this forum seems to be completely unmonitored.

  • Ruth Arendse

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