Please change back the UI or add a toggle.



  • ส็็็

    Honestly yeah. I'm totally fine with discord trying to reinvent itself, but it wouldn't kill to add a simple option to toggle old, or hell even provide official support for custom themes so people can add their own fonts, colors, backgrounds, etc.

  • Anonyma

    A tip I have as well, (for IOS) is that I've seen multiple apps where you can toggle what the app logo looks like. For example, in SoloLearn, you can have dark or light themed logo for the app, so maybe you guys could add that as well? I understand you're trying to update your look, but some of us just like what it used to be like before, just like old Reddit.

  • NinonEEE

    I dislike the new color, we had a whole thing with the old Blurple, I loved it, everyone I knew loved it, I never knew anyone who blatantly thought it needed change, the logo itself and the font I completely understand, change is good, but we should keep the old Blurple, this all comes from a place of love for Discord and the entire company, when I say it should stay

  • Unstopy

    Yes please, I want blurple back especially and the new logo is too blobish for my liking

  • I am a dalek

    the new color is so bright it hurts my eyes, why did they do this to us...

  • _JB_

    I think they are just trying to bring in a wider market by making it more 'likeable' for the average person. They are trying to get away from just being a gaming centric website/app and making it more of a mainstream thing. In my opinion it just looks so awful; Fonts terrible, looks too soft and the colour is obnoxious. I would much rather they change it back.

  • Wrdoro

    the new ui just feels... no... it's like if discord made a grey mode and made it untoggleable


  • 24/7 Arcane lockdown

    its really sad seeing so many logos go the way of minimalism ... let me keep clyde the way they are ;_;

  • Beirifu

    Honestly I don't even mind the oversaturated blurple but the logo font is just. aesthetically. not good.

  • Jesse

    There's nothing I can add that hasn't already been said, I don't like this change. It really does feel like Discord is turning into a children's app. Their supposed "focus group" seems like a bunch of toddlers rather than people who actually use the app.


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