New Color too bright and uncomfortable to look at



  • lav!

    I agree, the new look for ping, channel tag, and reactions looks outdated and the older look is more pleasing to look at. 

  • blini kot

    I agree with all your comments about the color. I am extremely photosensitive, and looking at the new purple instantly makes me feel like my eyes are being fried. If discord doesn't fix this problem, it's really going to interfere with my ability to connect with a lot of people. (Tip to the Discord developers: look up "photosensitivity" and learn that light triggers migraines, nausea, etc. And then do something about it in your design decisions.)

  • Fireside

    The color just does not go with the current styling, like at all. Definitely hopping they revert this change.

  • Digassmen

    One thing that I have liked about Discord for a long time is that its colours are good for the eyes, not too intense, smooth. Since today, the new blurple just tingles my eyes, please make it an option to change between the OG Blurple and the new Blurple.

  • Chawiiee

    I second this

  • Kimshu

    I honestly like the new logo and mostly like the new font (the height of the lowercase "i" compared to the other letters bothers me for some reason) but yeah, the new blurple is just a bit too saturated. Everything else I like or can live with but the blurple specifically hurts to look at.

  • Shiro


  • arobbo28

    Same. I'm neurodivergent as well, and the white on saturated purple is incredibly straining on my eyes. It's like you said, this isn't just a gut dislike to change, this is neurodivergent and disabled people saying that it is negatively affecting them. This is still going to be affecting me in a week's time @discord 😩

    The logo revamp is...fine. And so is the change in font. Like, if that's what you want, then sure, go for it. But the font is actually just bad from a design perspective. It's not coherent within itself, or with the updated logo, and anyone with any sort of education in design can see that.

  • Hexenbalg

    arobbo28 oh i absolutely agree with it being bad from a design standpoint, I'm an artist and went to uni for graphic design too (evtly stopped bc its not my thing, but like...i still took knowledge with me lmao)

    just ultimately i dont have to see the logo and font all the time, so if they wanna have a terrible font thats fine. (I know some ppl also have issues reading the font but again, s not like its what the text in discord is all like so,,)

    I also find it funny they brand it as a change for "friendliness" while making it super unfriendly for such a huge group of people,, (while also making it less friendly from a graphic design standpoint too, with the harsher color and making the logo more square/straight lines, instead of the softer color before and the more rounded logo)

    I sincerly doubt they tested this update with any neurodiverse or visually impaired ppl tbh, like...I seen that it apparently doesnt even pass like,, bot accessibilty/web design friendliness test n stuff..n doesnt fill the web accessibility guidelines either (unsurprisingly-)

    tbh if they dont adress it soon, I'm likely gonna look into stuff on how to mayb change it w/o breakin tos, since there's not rly a good option to stop using discord all together if i wanna active in communities I'm in..but it sure would be hugely disappointing, it'd be nice if they listened to their neurodiverse and visually impaired users :')


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