The New Logo is Fine but the Font need to be changed or reverted



  • Sussurance_BLM

    Agreed, Old font was cool and unique, interesting blurple. New font... is terrible, looks like it was made on windows 98, in a bad way. It looks like what fonts looked like BEFORE people did research into font design. Easily the worst part. The new blurple... also weirdly harsh to the eye, and less interesting. Kind of more like other companies... discord had panache... please don't lose it in an attempt to be like everyone else. Lead, don't follow.

    Logo is good!

  • Xyl9l

    New Clyde is good, but new font sucks. And colors just keep hurting my eyes

  • Kyuuby 火

    Color and Clyde looks really good imo but the Font is... I don't know, not good.

  • Jonny11

    Bruh the new font looks like an Indian website. Looks so stretched.


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