It’s been a week - toggle feature



  • Nantes

    Have you tried dark mode? I find it much less eyestrain inducing than the white-based theme.

  • Ambie

    Nantes go troll elsewhere

  • RaDappa🦀

    This really wouldn't be such a big problem if we were allowed to modify it ourselves. I see a lot of people suggesting dark mode, but i already use dark mode. The contrast between how saturated the new blurple is and the less saturated grey makes it just as bad as light mode now. Really hoping the end result of all this will be discord giving us the ability to choose accent colors on our client, doesn't even need to be full on themes.

    Here's to hoping that discord doesn't take too much longer to give us a response, maybe within the next week or two. It's one thing if it was simply not enjoying a new design, but this is about accessibility. Myself and a few friends haven't been able to use the app much because of it.

  • Owl128

    Nantes I only use darkmode, it *hurts* just as bad. The blurple is just too vibrant and jarring, and contrasts too much with the background. I’m honestly surprised people found fault with the old colors I thought they were fine and this update hurts to look at, even with darkmode.

  • Nantes

    @Owl128 I'm confused. They only changed the logo and branding outside the app, there were no changes to the contrast in the UI itself when you're using the app. The colors within the app are still the same as they were for at least a year, at least on my device after updating it to the latest version 74.10. Even the Discord logo that shows up as the app is loading up, which I fully expected to change to the new Clyde design with the burple background, is still the same old chat bubble with the old Clyde inside it. Where is the burple in-app?


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