Stop postting CHANGE The logo



  • Truth

    The logo still sucks absolute penis.

  • normalguy!

    If it really "sucks" Then stop bothering discord. Move on. Say ur opinion somewhere else instead of bothering discord when they want to look at community posts or whatever.

  • DemonDunce

    I don't see anything wrong with users expresses their dislike directly to Discord for what may become a permanent change if people stay silent or speak elsewhere where Discord can't see it.

  • normalguy!

    But people are littleary talking to them on twitter and everything.

    Sure To the average person they is nothing wrong. But when u think about it discord could be coding this new feuture and it could take time.

    Plus if they deiceded their wont they want to read other stuff from other users. Maybe they are looking for bugs on the api(The api forum is being raided to) or suggestions.

    They are many places where discord sees its fans not just on the forum. People are twitter canceling discord for htis.

  • SHSL Blind Justice

    People are talking about it because it's literal shit lmao

  • CantSyopaGyorg

    We're talking about it here because they've directed us to do so? We don't want to complain about the logo, we want it changed.

  • Timed

    normalguy! Discord told us to come here for feedback, so we are.

  • Lmao

    Discord asked for feed back so here we are 


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