Color Change Issues



  • palemongoose

    I agree completely. I hardly noticed the font at first (it’s ugly but whatever) but when I opened the app after the update, it immediately hurt my eyes. It’s difficult to look at the new color. The old one was muted and pleasant to look at but this new one just Hurts.

  • Jonny11

    People like originality. Now it looks it is an Indian company. Looks at the stretched font and the logo 🤮
    I don't even need to talk about the color palette, as it speak for itself.

  • Sa'Kagé

    Have you seen their webpage? Totally looks like discords main target is kids (<12y) now. Although you need to be at least 13 to use discord legally. The whole redesign seems a little off-brand for me.

  • Jonny11

    I think its time for TeamSpeak 3 and get back to 2015/2016, when People thought Discord is like Skype + TeamSpeak.

  • Keyan

    This visual update is clearly not a feature but a bug. Please fix


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