New update is an accessibility nightmare



  • arobbo28

    For sure. They need to listen to people on this. It's still calling me eyestrain :((

  • Coosheen

    Give us the option to go back to what it was.  It's not that hard, because this new stuff sucks

  • partially stars

    agreed on all accounts

  • Edge_Of_Clarity

    100%!! As someone with ADHD, bad eyesight, and sensory issues, I find it very difficult to deal with. Glad I’m not the only one.

  • Whale Lord

    It's a change and I can't fault them for that, but the new scheme has been so irritating on my eyes and I really can't deal with it. We need to be able to go back to what the old theme was or something

  • DarkestShadow

    I’m not neurodivergent, nor do I have any mental afflictions, (apologies if I’m using the wrong terms) but this color causes me eye strait as well. It hurts to look at. It’s almost blurry, like the icons (submit button/little questions mark on the bottom of this page as I’m typing, even the app itself on my phone…) look that way due to the color. I’m getting a strong almost “confusion” feeling in my eyes trying to focus on it, and my eyes feel itchy/hurt because of it. This is a newer thing for me, other than blue neon signs or similar I’ve not usually had this problem but this color is hurting people. If they refuse to answer, after all of the people making a point about this, they’re ok with actively hurting a portion of their user base. Please discord, this was a horrible decision. The color is atrocious and causing so many problems, people aren’t complaining just because of change. It’s actively hurting them. The font looking like it belongs in a preschool picture book is another issue entirely, and it’s your decision as a company if you want to look far less professional and make a font that’s harder to read, but the COLOR is HURTING people. Please fix it.

  • kat 💫

    Please fix this. This change hurts a great portion of your userbase and it hurts me. the colors are headache/eyestrain inducing and I find myself going on and off the app so I can escape it. Fix this, Discord.

  • GerdaS

    It does not hurt me, personally, and I don't find it ugly, but if the new look is just too bland. To put it for the marketing folks: The uniqueness, cosyness and recognisability of the brand were all thrown overboard. Wumpus is mourned.

  • ad-astra

    I’ve been commenting this on a lot of threads for similar reasons you laid out. They’re causing pain with this new update, I’ll cause them a little trouble with feedback.

    I noticed that Discord replied to someone’s concerns about accessibility with a feedback form about this kind of issues. I filled it out already, so I hope others in do and share it with friends as well to let them know how inaccessible and garish the new colors, font, etc. are for users.

    Link to their tweet about it:
    Link to their Google form feedback itself:

    They claim accessibility is taken very seriously, so let’s be sure to inform them of how difficult these new changes are for people.


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