Don’t mind the logo, but the new colors hurt



  • Helvetica 12Point

    I don't know if it went through late or I only just noticed it, but the blue/purple is particularly awful. Like, just the app in my phone menu kinda hurts my eyes and I have the night light filter on!
    The previous color scheme was absolutely perfect, not too bright, not too dark, just right for anyone dealing with photosensitivities. Please to desaturate the colors a bit and make them a bit gentler on the eyes, staff!

  • Joaquin

    As far as I know I also don't have any visual impairments that would cause me to be sensitive to the colors, but that color hurts to look at. I use discord daily to talk to friends and seeing that color constantly all day hurts my eyes.

  • CycloneDusk

    I for one don't mind the icon.

    My problems are with the "wordmark" font and the color scheme.

    The font is hideous, blobby, and lopsided-looking whereas the old one as modern, precise, and slick.

    The colors are oversaturated and hurt my eyes. Desaturation is the way to go for ACCESSIBILTY. There are people who experience eyestrain and are photosensitive.

    Not only is it objectively ugly in the general sense, but it's also ableist against people with epilepsy or susceptible to photosensitive migraines.

    The redesign was superfluous overall, but those two attributes of the redesign were an outright MISTAKE.

    The people who thought it was a good idea have no business holding any professional credentials in the area of UI design.


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