Please at least remove the blurple color



  • Swoosh

    So true bestie. My eyes are hurting :weary:

    Pls discord I beg of you 

  • Soulz

    Its gross as hell!

  • Soulz

    Also to add, the current new colors arent blurple. Blurple HEX is #7289DA

  • GerdaS

    Personally, I don't find the new blurple ugly, but I definitely prefer the original one, because it was more gentle on the eyes. I get the idea of maximising contrast, but the less intense contrast was something I really and consciously appreciated. This used to be a comfort zone, and now I feel like it was moved to kindergarten, because somebody decided that kindergarteners would bring in more money.

    Perhaps Discord managers out to remember this:
    Just because 5 people call your logo or your colours ugly, that does not mean that they count more than the 8000 who said nothing because they were happy with it.


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