ability to have the option to change the discord logo



  • GerdaS

    And to change the color scheme to one we actually like. Like, you know, the original one. The one that did not play soccer with your eyeballs. And did you do something to Wumpus? Because if so, we want him back.

  • PerkWombo

    I support the color scheme election idea, I don't really mind and could even get used to the new look of Clyde in a few weeks, but the new color is just so grating and eye straining it's not even funny. It looks terrible in both the dark and light themes.

    Also, the new logo's font looks weirdly stretched horizontally, it looks like a meme. So off-putting. The design team should switch back to the old font or at least apply some of the ideas of the previous font's fashion to the new one (I.E. All caps, etc.)

    I understand and am looking forward for the rebranding, but there are some really big and clear issues going on with the execution.



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