Discord logo changes



  • lindfeb

    Exactly. The new font used reminds me of something I've seen before and it doesn't reflect Discord's unique qualities and the (not only) gaming community space I know. My initial thought was: "That font looks atrocious!" It's just not it at all, although I don't have a problem with the slight change in the logo without the text.

  • natalie

    the entire thing is terrible. it looks like monsters inc reject monsters

  • GerdaS

    Sadly, everthing was streamlined, and when that happens, you lose originality and recognisability. People called Clyde ugly? How many? However, the changes of Clyde are my least concern. I get the printing issues. Frankly, however, I would have gone the other direction: I would have made Clyde MORE asymmetric. Because the asymmetry humanized him. Only robots' and dolls' features are perfectly symmetrical, human ones are not.

    I liked that Discord had this muted colour pallette, and now it's as hyper as everbody else's.

    I liked the font, because it was rather unique. Now it looks like Apple designed it, with a too small capital D.

    Well, we are not the owners of Discord, but I would REALLY appreciate having the option to go for the old version via settings.


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