New update - not “friendlier” at all



  • DarkestShadow

    If they don’t change the color back, I’m going to stop using it. I’m tolerating the eye strait and it hurting my eyes for now…praying they listen.

  • GerdaS

    I agree "harsher" would be more to the point. They decided to maximise contrast. Brightening things up is not always a bright idea, though.

  • ad-astra

    I noticed that Discord replied to someone’s concerns about accessibility with a feedback form about this kind of issues. I feel the same way and filled it out already, so I hope others in do and share it with friends as well to let them know how inaccessible and garish the new colors, font, etc. are for users.

    Link to their tweet about it:
    Link to their Google form feedback itself:

    They claim accessibility is taken very seriously, so let’s be sure to inform them of how difficult these new changes are for people.


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