Discord Mobile No Longer Can Select Gallery App



  • SirClownsALot

    Still waiting for you to add the feature back.

  • Zukuro

    It's getting to the point my old APK is having trouble keeping up. As an artist who only survives by my work in art servers I need to be able to access and grab files quickly, please stop making my job harder because you won't fix something that you shouldn't have removed in the first place. please, discord I am begging you. All I want for Christmas is to be able to use my gallery app. 😭🎄

  • Sirius

    God I wish this was fixed

  • Swatay

    Please fix ): this is the only issue I've had with my android and I'm glad I'm not the only person to have had issues

  • Vex

    Fix this or I will no longer support discord. I have had discord nitro since 2017.

  • Frankiecat76

    How has discord STILL not fixed this issue 😭

  • GunGryphon

    This issue has cost me more time fumbling around my file browser than it would taken an intern to fix this issue. This is just plain neglect.

  • Hijinx Harlequin

    Jfc for the longest time I thought this was bc I clicked smt wrong when the app gives me that "just this once or always" selection popup, didnt know this was actually a bug on THEIR end for MONTHS until it kept happening on my new phone- why am I paying 10 bucks a month here for nitro-


    yo yo yo what's good party people!! just dropping bye to say that this is STILL an unsolved issue9 months after it was first brought up! This is absolutely ridiculous and incredibly unprofessional. It would be one thing if it was brought up once 9 months ago and then never again but this issue has been constantly mentioned since the original feedback message was posted. This issue needs to be fixed. It has almost been a year.

  • Plut0nio

    A whole year later and they still haven't fixed this. Cool.

  • BotObjective

    God I wish this was fixed 😭
    Just going to files is annoying as hell

  • Trekkie

    New update just dropped and this is finally fixed!!! I don't know if it's fixed for everyone yet but I am celebrating today


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